The TSG4YOU project deal with the traditional sports and games and the role of sports for promoting integration and social inclusion among youngsters with different social, cultural, economic backgrounds.

The project partnership consist of 4 sport associations form 3 Members States, active in the fields of sport and social inclusion, with particular attention to young people with fewer opportunities.

The overall purpose of the project is to promote equity, integration and social inclusion through traditional sport and games initiatives for youngsters. The project will focus on the following European traditional games: tug of war, hopscotch, skipping rope, sack race, petanque, marbles games, skittles, jumping with elastic, and will be structured in 4 work packages: WP1 Project management; WP2 TSG Promotional initiatives in partners’ Countries; WP3 Networking activities and WP4 Communication and dissemination plan.

The project approach will be mainly based on practical activities and consists of a mix of different activities, educational and creative laboratories, workshops, tournaments and games, outdoor activities and sport events.

More than 400 young girls and boys (7-17 years old) will be directly involved in the project activities; and more than 50 sport clubs, grassroots sport associations and schools will be involved in project’s activities. Conferences and workshops with local authorities, sport associations will be also realized for raising awareness on the educational and social role of sport.

The project will also pay particular attention to networking activities and mutual learning among partners organizations through 3 transnational partners’ meetings and study visits in partners Countries.

Finally, the communication and dissemination plan of the project will assure the maximum visibility at European and transferability of project results, beyond the end of the project and outside the initial partnership, for new collaborative partnership